Joe Lilly

Joe Lilly joined the Sin City K9 team in 2010. Joe specializes in working with “problem” dogs, including dogs with human, dog, and animal aggression. He also manages Sin City K9′s media relations and acts as webmaster.

Joe believes that the key to training a dog is educating the owner. Before working with Sin City K9, Joe was a loyal client. He teamed up with Rich Damico with the objective of helping more Las Vegas dogs (and owners!) achieve their true potential.

As a canine rehabilitation specialist, Joe doesn’t just fix other people’s problems; he practices what he preaches. Along with his wife Stephanie, Joe has rescued and rehabilitated several high-risk dogs in the last four years. His family currently consists of:

  • Bennie, a border collie mix, who was highly dog and human aggressive when he entered the Lilly family,
  • Ozzie, a border collie mix, who was highly human aggressive when he enteredthe Lilly family,
  • Oliver, a shar pei mix, who was extremely dog aggressive and had problems with separation anxiety when he joined the Lilly family,
  • Coach Ditka, a chihuahua mix that Joe and Stephanie confiscated from a backyard breeder in a Wal-Mart parking lot,
  • Ernie, a bouvier des flandres, canine good citizen, therapy dog, and fully spoiled.
  • Fuzzy and Wussy, 1 year old domestic shorthair cats who are pretty good at sit, down, and stay.

Joe is a member in good standing of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.