Las Vegas Dog Training: St. Bernard Success Story!

IMG_3357Dear Rich,

I just had to let you know we are sooooo very grateful for your training.
You have transformed our lives!  Bella is a DREAM dog!  I still can’t
believe the difference in such a short time….much more than we expected.
No more pulling, no more leash biting, no more stopping at every stick or
distraction, no more darting after other dogs and people, no more ignoring
my every command (even though I know she knows what I’m asking of her).  I
can’t wait to continue our lessons when we get back to Henderson the middle
of March.  In the mean time we will continue to do as you taught us and
enjoy our amazing dog.

Here’s a photo of her on a ski/walking trail in the Sawtooth Mountains.
Notice…..she is off leash and actually comes when called!
Thanks again,

PS  Bella says thanks as well.  She is a very happy dog.

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