Our Little (Dog Training) Secret….


Want a super dog? We can help!

We’ve been to seminars, training events, and competitions all over the United States, and we’ve seen about every training approach out there, from dog whispering to noise making to clicker training and even canine hypnotherapy.

Most trainers hope – heck, they count on – the fact that you won’t be able to achieve their results on your own. Their training methods are complicated and hard to understand. To be honest, most trainers aren’t too interested in training YOU. In fact, they’re afraid that if they teach you how to train your dog it will put them out of business.

Well they’re wrong.

You are here because you’ve already asked friends. You’ve already done research online and tried to make changes to how you interact with your dog. Maybe you’ve even worked with another trainer.

You’ve tried all these things and it just hasn’t worked. Join the club! By the time our customers have been to Sin City K9’s web site, over 90% of them have already experienced one or more behavior problems with their dog or dogs.

Unlike all the other guys, Rich Damico is going to train YOU to train your dog. He’s not just going to handle your dog’s problem behaviors. He’s going to show you his simple, three step system to fixing almost any problems that come up in the future.

What do we mean by “almost any problems?” Just this week we saw clients whose dogs had problems with: fear biting, barking, digging, dominance, object destruction, lack of house training, counter surfing, stranger aggression, pulling on leash, and urinating in the home. The results? Fixed, fixed, fixed, fixed, fixed….all fixed, thanks to Rich D’Amico’s simple, three step system.

Unlike most dog trainers, Rich hopes that you will learn his training techniques because that’s the only way to make sure that your dog stays happy, healthy, and under control. He counts on you learning his simple, three step system, and he backs it with a lifetime guarantee.

If, at any point after your training program is over, your dog starts to exhibit problem behaviors that you can’t fix, just call the office and Rich will come back out and help you solve the problem. It doesn’t matter if it happens in 6 months or 6 years. 

Oh, and as for the three step system? If you’d like to learn it, contact the office to schedule a demonstration and let us know how we can help you and your dog!


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