David “Skip” Haas

Skip loves dogs! Skip’s love of dogs started at age 6 years when he got his first puppy. With the help of his parents he learned how to train the puppy in basic obedience. It was a great learning experience for both Skip and the puppy.

At the age of 13 Skip was training hunting dogs as part of the family business. Working with other peoples dogs, and breeding and training dogs for sale. Many of these dogs went on to be outstanding hunters, and winners of many trials awards. A lifetime of training personal pets, others pets and working dogs has truly been a major joy.

Skip met Rich when a friend recommended him to help with a rescue dog that had extreme animal aggression issues. “In over 40 years of training I have never seen anything like this. After 3 weeks of pain staking work with this dog, the problem had only gotten slightly better.” With Rich’s training system the aggression was greatly reduced, and controllable. Even older dogs can learn new things, it’s never to late to help them.

Skip joined Sin City K9 2 years ago. After a few ride alongs with Rich it was apparent that Skip’s background and experience coupled with Rich’s system made a
perfect fit.