We Overcome All Hurdles!

No matter your dog’s size, age, breed, or behavior problems, Rich Damico and his staff at Sin City K9 can help make your puppy happier, healthier, and more well-behaved! Don’t believe us? Just ask some of our happy customers.

Many of our clients also act as references for us. If you would like to talk to one (or more) of our previous clients, please contact us to arrange a phone call with one some of our other happy customers!


Happy puppy and mom!

Rich and his team were absolutely fantastic!  We rescued a wonderful pit bull that neededsome extra manners.  He wasn’t a bad dog, but we also wanted him to behave a bit more, not jump up on people to give them kisses when he meets them, etc.  Rich delivered all of that and more.  We actually did a “Board & Train” where we let Rich keep Dingo for 2 weeks. During that 2 weeks, he sent us videos of Dingo and his progress along the way.  We were extremely happy and have recommend Rich and his company to several other families.

Corey and Dr. Whitney Owens, Henderson

Sin City K-9 Training Works!

Happy Customer!

Rich Damico trained my Boxer, Sam, ten+-years ago. His training was an awakening for me, learning an entire new method – a method I have learned to love and trust because it works!

Sam was four months old when we started training and for all his life, I was able to walk him within my gated community leash-less and allow him to play with other dogs in parks, knowing he would come immediately, if called.

Now I have a new Boxer, Clinton. Rich started Clinton’s training at three months and it works like a charm! The most important part, after the puppy training, is ‘training under distraction” by meeting with Rich and his other students in a park.

Rich’s training gives my dog and me a better quality of life because Clinton knows his commands, his boundaries and he comes when called.

If someone is saying ‘maybe later’ or ‘my dog doesn’t need it – except when — ‘ , call Rich Damico! Every dog needs Rich’s training and your dog will love you even more for it!

Marti Scholl

Though I’ve never owned a dog…yet… I occasionally dog sit for friends.  After spending some time watching Rich’s training and asking some questions, I decided to use his method on a particularly untrained dog my friend owns.

After spending just one week with this dog using Rich’s system, the dog no longer jumps on the bed or furniture, sits in front of his food until instructed to eat, and is much better behaved overall.  Even though I don’t own a dog myself, observing Rich’s methods made me a better trainer, handler, and dog sitter. Regardless of their training or their owner’s control, dogs respond to me better now than they did before. Thanks Rich!

-J.P., Henderson, NV

I just wanted to thank Sin City K9 for your help with our yellow lab, Maggie May.  We have done training before, and overtime Maggie has always lapsed to her old ways… and I know we were also at fault.  But not this time.  She is amazing, a completely different dog.  She’s focused on me and my commands all the time.  She listens and obeys.  It’s really shocking that this is the same dog.  Quite honestly, it makes me a little sick to think of how long we were putting up with her obnoxious behavior… when with just a few trainings, she’s a wonderful dog!  I really can’t believe the difference in her.  She’s much more calm and attentive.  People come in my house (as Maggie’s on her pillow –place command–) and they compliment me on what a good dog I have.  That has NEVER happened before, ever!!!  Before this training, Maggie would bark consistently and run around and jump on people.  We would put her in the kennel in the garage if we knew someone was coming over.  But not now.  She sits on her pillow, calm and relaxed.  Sometimes our company pets her and says hi, sometimes they don’t.  Either way, she’s exactly how I would want her to behave.

Thanks Rich.  You’ve made our lives a whole lot easier..

Nicole & Matt Boyd

When we started with Rich (Sin City K-9) 2 years ago, we presented Rich with the challenge of our impish, stubborn, misbehaving, out of control 4 month old Golden Retriever, Grady. Rich walked in with hiscalm, soft-spoken, in-charge manner, and quickly won over not only Grady, but also both of us. The training response was quick and exact, and before long, Grady was able to go the park and enjoy his time there without always having to be reprimanded, and able to socialize with all the other dogs and people he came in contact with….it was AMAZING! One year later, Grady took his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) test, and then his Therapy Dog Inc. test, and he passed with flying colors and is now a registered Therapy Dog….all thanks to Rich and his wonderful staff. Grady has become a treasured companion for us, as well as a wonderful therapy dog that is able to comfort children in need as well as the elderly who have special needs of a dog with gentle qualities. Today, we still go to park classes, as a refresher, and also just to do some visiting, and Rich is always available to answer any questions, or just to take a trot around the park with his buddy Grady…..after all this time and training, they are still best buddies…..that to us is the sign of a fabulous trainer! Thank you Rich and staff…….we owe you a mountain of gratitude for opening this wonderful world to us of a well behaved, happy, fun, family member with 4 legs!

With a heart full of hugs and licks-
Chris, Nancy and Grady White


Dazzy has received his CGC from the AKC and he haspassed the first seven parts of the Therapy Dog testing(waiting to do his testing/evaluation visits).  Cookie has received her CGC and is now a registered Therapy Dog with TDI and has applied for membership in K-9 Therapist of Las Vegas… (she must have been accepted, because she has been assigned two facilities and a month of Reading with Ruffy at The Rainbow Library).  Cookie had to do the testing and evaluations twice, once with me and once with Shirley.

Mike Mlynarczyk

Rich & Sin City K9,

I just wanted to thank you for all your help with Dodger. Before training him he would pull me down the stairs and jump on everyone.

I can take him everywhere with me now and everyone just can’t believe how well behaved he is! I can’t believehow quickly his behavior was corrected. I had tried everything. You guys are the best!

Thanks Again!


My Terrier Mix that I adopted from the shelter kept redecorating for me and I couldn’t leave her alone at all with out having her destroy or pee on something. I was at my wits end with her.

You and your staff were so patient with me and gave me so many suggestions.  I now have a well behaved, sweet dog and a clean house dog. I couldn’t have done it with out you!


P.S. We just love the park classes! They are the best!

Our experience with Sin City K-9 has been outstanding. Within days, our then 14 week old bouvier, Ernie, was performing all basic obedience commands. Today he is 14 months old andstrangers compliment us on a daily basis, telling us that he is the best behaved dog they have ever seen. We have referred 7 other dogs and their owners to Sin City K-9, and all have had similar results. We are currently training our new dog, Ollie, a 3 year old SPCA rescue, through Sin City K-9, and his quick learning and retention proves that Sin City K-9’s methods are equally as effective for puppies and older dogs.

Sin City K-9’s methods are as humane as they are effective, and we feel comfortable recommending Sin City K-9 to any dog in need of training.

Stephanie, Joe, Ernie and Ollie


I just have to tell you how wonderful it was to get my dog Gandolf trained!  Everyone thought he was deaf. He was just ignoring the other trainers because he didn’t care about the cookies.  He is sooooo attentive now. I couldn’t do it with out you!



Just wanted you to know I’ve been taking my Akita down to the District in Green Valley on Friday nights.  He has had a multitude of distractions.  All kinds of people and children petting him.  Children smaller than he is hugging him.  Loud music, people eating, drinking, and children playing next to him.  He has been a perfect dog and gentleman.  I just wanted to say that this is possible because of your training with me and my dog.  Thank you and your staff for what we have learned so far and more to come.

Thank you again,
John Lundmark