Ryder Savell

Our Newest Trainer!

Our Newest Trainer!

Las Vegas’ Newest Dog Trainer

Ryder Savell has always had a love for dogs, and even at a very young age was very much a natural when it came to dog training. While Ryder was still in high school, however, the family German Shepherd, Samson, suddenly manifested aggression shortly after turning 13 months old. His parents called trainer after trainer, recognizing they needed professional help for their now 100 lb. headache.

After going through a lot of frustration, money, and a few trainers who were unable to handle this dog aggression, all hope was nearly lost, with even the trainers recommending the unthinkable – to give Samson away. On a recommendation, and as a last ditch effort, the family turned to Rich Damico and Sin City K-9. Upon meeting Rich, there was something different about this trainer – it was evident from the very beginning. Rich’s techniques were far more effective, and Samson began positively responding immediately.

Ryder took to Rich’s training sessions like a fish takes to water, something that also caught Rich’s eye, culminating in many months of internship under Rich’s one-on-one instruction. By the end of his senior year in high school, Ryder had completed his dog training certification, and was ready to enter full-time employment with Sin City K-9 as one of their professional dog trainers. Having seen first-hand how professional dog training can save the seemingly un-trainable dog, Ryder strives to give owners hope in knowing that the four-legged family members they love, who have suddenly become out-of-control or even aggressive, can become the well-behaved, loveable dogs they were meant to be. Ryder likes to point out that there are no un-trainable dogs, just “un-trained” dogs waiting to reach their full potential.