Thank You, From Rowdy!

We just received this great thank you and wanted to share it with you:

“Just an update on Rowdy.  He has been such a great dog of late & I wanted you to know he seems to be calming down & listening & obeying his commands.  He still gets soooooo excited when anyone comes to the house – he thinks they r coming to play that he still wants to jump, but is corrected immediately & goes to his bed wagging his tail a mile a minute.  Yesterday I wasn’t home but maybe an hour & went to dr & came home let him out of kennel & put him right back in to go camp out at DMV for 6 (yes literally 6) hours.  When we got home from that he was in kennel, didn’t have an accident & was very happy to be out of his jail cell.

I just wanted you to know that we credit you for his progress & thank you so much.

Thank you – Bev. Swalwell”

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