Las Vegas Dog Obedience

Welcome to No Limit Dog Training, powered by Sin City K9. Las Vegas dog owners and their dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds have counted on us to fix problem behaviors such as:

  • animal aggression,
  • bad manners,
  • compulsive barking,
  • food aggression,
  • potty training,
  • not listening,
  • property destruction.

With over 15 years’ experience training all types of dogs, Rich D’amico and No Limit Dog Training (powered by Sin City K9) are Las Vegas Valley’s trusted and most experienced dog trainers. Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog with undesirable behaviors, your success is guaranteed with No Limit.


We Train Dogs And People

Happy Family!

Unlike many other trainers, who focus their time on just training dogs, Rich Damico’s unique system focuses on both setting expectations and limitations with your dog, and training you to reinforce them. Dogs are pack animals; most dog problems start when Fido fails to realize that YOU are the leader, not HIM. Sin City K9 helps restructure your pack order – you are the top dog!

If you have a spouse and/or children, Rich will also work with you to help the dog interact with your entire family, not just you.


Special Las Vegas K9 Programs

Sin City K9 understands the special challenges confronted every day by military families.  If you are active duty military or the spouse of a service person, please contact us about our military discount.

Rich Damico also offers:

  • Free puppy consultations,
  • SPCA discount,
  • New baby consultations,
  • and more!

Contact us for more information!