Rich and Ace’s Recent Awards and Trophies!

2/18/12   Sin City Mondio, Las Vegas, NV Level 3 – 1st place!

10/20/11 Endeavor Working Dog Club, Los Alamos, NM USMRA Level 2 Title- 1st place!

5/14/11 Rocky Mountain Mondioring, Castlerock CO USMRA Level 2 – 2nd place

3/19/11 USMRA Nationals, Hutto TX – 2nd Place

12/04/10 San Antonio TX USMRA Level 2 1st place

8/19/10 Oxnard CA USMRA Level 2 – 3rd place

8/2/09 Oxnard CA USMRA Level 1 Title

8/01/09 Oxnard CA USMRA Decoys Choice Award

8/01/09 Oxnard CA USMRA Level 1 


Other Awards:

The PSA (Protection Sport Association) has 3 levels of dogs and trainer teams, level 3 being the highest.  Richard and “Trix” have won the following awards and titles:

2006 PSA Nationals-Rich and Trix 2nd place level 3

Highest placing female at the Nationals and the first team ever to get a qualifying score at the Nationals!!!

2002 Sacramento CA, High Obedience PSA 1
2003 Delhi CA, High Obedience PSA 2
2003 Oxnard CA, High Club Trained award
2003 Oxnard CA, High in Trial


2002 Sacramento CA, High Protection PSA 2

2003 Delhi CA, High Protection PSA 2

2003 Delhi CA, High Protection PSA 2

PSA Nationals 2004, Los Angeles CA: 3rd place PSA3


2003 Oxnard CA, 1st place PSA 1

2003 Oxnard CA, 1st place PSA 2

2003 Sacramento CA, 1st place PSA 2

2005 Las Vegas NV, 1st place PSA 3

2005 Oxnard CA, PSA 2nd place PSA 3

2005 Lehi Utah PSA 1st place PSA 3

2005 Lehi Utah PSA  (with Jinx) PSA 1 TC

2005 Lehi Utah PSA Hardest Hitting dog-Jinx

2006 Sonora CA,(Western Regionals)PSA 3rd place PSA 3