Key Points When Choosing A Dog Trainer

  • You need to see the trainer’s dog! If they can’t show you dog training techniques with their dog how do you know they can train yours?

  • Do they offer free demonstrations with your dog, and will they show their own dog, in your environment, distractions and all?  Again: you need to see the trainer’s dog!!!  Demonstrations and evaluations from trainers should be free.  You shouldn’t be asked to pay just to decide whether you want to work with a particular trainer. The trainers should also be able to immediately show you how effective their methods are, with both your dog and their own.

  • Do they encourage you to talk with other trainers about their methods?  There are many different ways of training a dog; your job is to find the method that is right for you.

  • Can they clearly explain how their method will work, and how you can maintain the training?  A good trainer is not just training the dog, they are training you. After all, this is your dog and you are the one who must ultimately maintain the skills.  Their should be no difference in how the dog performs for the trainer and you.

  • Do they belittle other styles of training, or focus on what he/she can do for you? Are they hesitant to discuss other methods with you so that you can make your own decision about what is appropriate for you and your dog?

  • What makes the trainer qualified to work with your  dog?  Results are what you are after, and the length of time the trainer has been training is irrelevant if he/she hasn’t been getting results all the time. Some people have been driving a car for 25 years and still can’t parallel park.

In deciding on a dog trainer, look for qualities that make you comfortable.  They should be able to put your mind at ease and answer any doubts you might have.  The ultimate decision is yours, so make sure you are satisfied with the experience.