Welcome to Sin City K9. Las Vegas dog owners and their dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds have counted on us to fix problem behaviors such as:

  • animal aggression,

  • bad manners,

  • compulsive barking,

  • food aggression,

  • potty training,

  • not listening,

  • property destruction.

With over 15 years’ experience training all types of dogs, Rich D’amico and the Sin City K9  staff are Las Vegas Valley’s trusted and most experienced dog trainers. Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog with undesirable behaviors, your success is guaranteed!

Boarding With Training

 Advanced In Board-Training (3 Weeks) - Free Follow Ups 

This course is for advanced control in and around the house. To summarize: In board training means we do the hardest work for you.  You get to enjoy the maintaining and upkeep of the training. You save time and frustration.  We are here to help you with training problems for the life of your dogs. 

One On One Training at Your Home

 Home Training—One On One At Home 


This course is for advanced control in and around the house. We come to you until your dog learns all the commands. To summarize: We do all the hard work with you.  You keep your dog at home. This program is super flexible on scheduling around your time.

Park Classes

 Home / Outdoor Lifetime Park Classes 


Prepare with private training: First, prepare for group interaction with the private training sessions, led by award winning competitive obedience trainers. Once you are up to speed with the basics you will then start the group classes.   Get socialized with outdoor group classes: After your dog has completed the private lessons—and is well on his way to being well-behaved—reinforce his or her good manners with outdoor group lessons. Perfect polite doggy behaviors, solidify command control, and learn how to maintain obedience in the face of tempting distractions (like other dogs!)

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