At Sin City K-9, I offer Dog Trainer services with a very simple philosophy. I believe that training the animals of Las Vegas should be fun, innovative, and growl-free. All animals involved in the process experience the benefits, including the humans involved! Put your best paw forward and let’s get started today.

Dog Walker

We Train Dogs And People


Happy Family!

Unlike many other trainers, who focus their time on just training dogs, Rich Damico’s unique system focuses on both setting expectations and limitations with your dog, and training you to reinforce them. Dogs are pack animals; most dog problems start when Fido fails to realize that YOU are the leader, not HIM. Sin City K9 helps restructure your pack order – you are the top dog!

If you have a spouse and/or children, Rich will also work with you to help the dog interact with your entire family, not just you.


Dog Training Just Got Easier!

Any Problem, Breed, Or Age.