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  We come to you for a free, no-pressure evaluation. We will give you a professional opinion, a fair price, and a custom-tailored program just for you. We listen to your unique situation and goals. This is not a one size fits all approach. After meeting with us, you will have all the information to start your journey. 

  We are a small family owned business operating for over 20 years. Offering one on one training at your home, or Boarding with Training at our half acre private property. We are excited to meet you and your dog. Richard Damico our owner and head trainer comes out to meet you personally.

Be part of our Sin City K-9 family!

It’s easy and takes about 5 minutes to schedule the free evaluation or you can call, and we can schedule together.

Richs accomplishments and awards!

Completed Mondio Level 3 with Ace!

2/18/12   Sin City Mondio, Las Vegas, NV Level 3 – 1st place!

10/20/11 Endeavor Working Dog Club, Los Alamos, NM USMRA Level 2 Title- 1st place!

5/14/11 Rocky Mountain Mondioring, Castlerock CO USMRA Level 2 – 2nd place

3/19/11 USMRA Nationals, Hutto TX – 2nd Place

12/04/10 San Antonio TX USMRA Level 2 1st place

8/19/10 Oxnard CA USMRA Level 2 – 3rd place

8/2/09 Oxnard CA USMRA Level 1 Titled!

8/01/09 Oxnard CA USMRA Decoys Choice Award

8/01/09 Oxnard CA USMRA Level 1 


Other Awards:

The PSA (Protection Sport Association) has 3 levels of dogs and trainer teams, level 3 being the highest.  Richard and “Trix” have won the following awards and titles:

2006 PSA Nationals-Rich and Trix 2nd place level 3

Highest placing female at the Nationals and the first team ever to get a qualifying score at the Nationals!!!


2002 Sacramento CA, High Obedience PSA 1

2003 Delhi CA, High Obedience PSA 2

2003 Oxnard CA, High Club Trained award

2003 Oxnard CA, High in Trial


2002 Sacramento CA, High Protection PSA 2

2003 Delhi CA, High Protection PSA 2

2003 Delhi CA, High Protection PSA 2

PSA Nationals 2004, Los Angeles CA: 3rd place PSA3


2003 Oxnard CA, 1st place PSA 1

2003 Oxnard CA, 1st place PSA 2

2003 Sacramento CA, 1st place PSA 2

2005 Las Vegas NV, 1st place PSA 3

2005 Oxnard CA, PSA 2nd place PSA 3

2005 Lehi Utah PSA 1st place PSA 3

2005 Lehi Utah PSA (with Jinx) PSA 1 TC

2005 Lehi Utah PSA Hardest Hitting Dog-Jinx

2006 Sonora CA, (Western Regionals) PSA 3rd place PSA 3