Richard Damico is the founder, owner and head trainer for Sin City K-9. Rich has been training dogs for over 20 years, and attributes his great success in dog training to his passion and love of dogs of all kinds.

Rich believes that a well-trained dog is much happier than one always in the “dog house,” and that the key to dog training is educating owners and family members.

Rich’s unique training system adapts to your dog’s personality and teaches you and your family how to “think like your dog.” Unlike most trainers, who use rigid, inflexible training methods and force your dog to “get in line,” Rich D’amico and his staff of trainers at Sin City K9 believe that your dog is an individual and that he should be trained using methods that are most effective for his personality!

Richard was introduced to the world of dogs in his early 20’s, when he became involved in a dog sport called Schutzhund.  Richard began his professional career in dog training with a large dog training company as head trainer and vice president.  During this period of his career he taught others how to become professional dog trainers. Rich also conducted seminars and workshops for beginners (pet owners) to advanced (dog owners interested in canine sporting).

Rich’s passion for helping dogs and their owners led him to establish Sin City K9 just a few years later. He immediately began developing a unique training system for dogs and owners using training techniques borrowed from pet trainers, police trainers, dog sport trainers, and other animal behaviorists. Rich has even adapted some techniques from horse training and circus elephants!

Over the past five years, Richard has trained with many of America’s top canine professionals, including but not limited to Protection Sport Association, NASA’s Advanced Detection Seminar, Tarheel Canine, and dozens of police K9 and special operations units.