Silver is where the fun starts. We want you to have a full indoor and outdoor active life with your dog. The silver package includes everything from bronze. After mastering the four indoor commands, we are ready to move on to the three most important commands.

 Walking. Gives you the trust and freedom to take walks, go outside, or enjoy a neighborhood or park.

Sit Stay - It Will help everyday life. When the moment comes, you need a quick stay. They will listen.

 Down Stay. - Outside watching a game.? Enjoying a picnic? Then this command is a must. Who doesn't want to bring their dog to the park? Or have fun with outdoor activities. You want to be comfortable in every situation. Silver offers these three most crucial commands.

 The Silver program teaches freedom and fun! It will instill amazing trust and boundaries. These 3 commands in addition to the Core 4, will help with a safer smarter, more obedient dog. Don't worry you're not alone. With us by your side, you can do this!