Sin City Social Club

Sin City Social Club - It's what's next!

Do you want to meet like-minded people, with well-trained dogs like yours?

Do you want to go places with people and dogs where nobody judges you on what methods of training you use?

Do you want more than the same boring class or an unsafe dog park? 

Do you ever wonder what else I can do to enjoy time with my dog?

We have your answer!

Sin City K-9 Social Club

 We will get together, and have a fresh new outing and adventure every week. Our first meet-up will be at Green Valley Ranch District, this Friday, January 20th, 7pm. This is open to friends, family members, and anyone with well-behaved dogs. Make new friends with your best friend. Our meet-ups will be family-friendly, but some will be adult-only. Some examples will be Wine tasting or getting outside at a coffee shop. Enjoying a Doggie Movie Night or an introduction to “Fun Nose Work”.

Rich is a professional trainer with over 25 years of experience. He will answer questions and give you his tips and tricks along the way.

The introductory offer is 99$ per month. We will also be giving discounts on those who bring a friend with a Dog. Or sign up for multiple months. We will have it all planned out and be sending out email reminders every week. All you have to do is show up, it's that easy!

*Contact us for more information at (702)260-6586 or